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The Company History

Ilf and Petrov’s familiar expression ‘Statistics knows all’ is difficult to apply to the Russian reality.

After the USSR disintegration due to a severe economic situation in Russia there was a sharp recession in development of some major national manufacturing branches. New survival condition that forced the business out in the shadow sector of Economy have become the reason of destruction of the global information collecting system and have undermined the reputation of the largest statistics organization – the State Statistics Committee “Goskomstat”.

Goskomstat data on enterprises activity were not seriously treated in Russia considering the prevailing role of economy shadow sector. 10 years later the situation became more stable but the Russian tax system imperfection caused fears in the market participants of being noncompetitive and made companies adjust to the current conditions and rely on their own sales statistics and partners’ information sources. But they lacked the real market data to lead the effective business.

In 2002 the future branch center founders worked as marketing departments general managers at different large enterprises of the window market – the companies manufacturing plastic windows and PVC-structures and estimating the window market segments for large investment projects. On the background of slow glass constructions market development they came up with an idea of creating unique branch marketing center.

In 2004 after two years of collecting the information on actual manufacturing volumes of the window market participants, studying production technologies and making business plans in various window market segments the branch center O.K.N.A. Marketing officially acquired a legal status and began independent activity on carrying out branch researches. In the beginning there were completed researches focused on particular market segments and participants. Half a year later the center worked with individual clients’ orders within large projects starting with the market research up to working out business plans and helping in projects development.

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