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Branch orientation

O.K.N.A. Marketing is a branch marketing center that specializes in glass constructions market studying. Branch orientation enables the Center to provide both companies that just plan on going onto the market and companies with 10 year experience with professional marketing and consulting services.

The high quality of the services provided is guaranteed by combination of knowledge in marketing, consulting, products technical features and experience gained during the work at the largest enterprises of the window market. Thank to this the branch center O.K.N.A. Marketing has got popularity and deserved the market participants’ trust.

High quality information – real market data

O.K.N.A. Marketing has been collecting information on the glass constructions market since 2002. The glass constructions market volumes are estimated in different branch segments.

The main O.K.N.A. Marketing success constituent is a unique method of collecting information, which is the company’s Know-how. First, due to popularity on the window market and connections with the window companies the Center has an opportunity to receive trustworthy information directly from the primary sources. Second, collecting information on the window market the Center experts study thoroughly all the sources and compare their data. Taking into account importance of the information provided and prompt glass construction market development the experts must check the data of at least three independent sources.

According to O.K.N.A. Marketing data the statistics of such official sources as Customs Committee, Goskomstat and others doesn’t allow to define any average factors for quality market assessment. Statistics declared by companies in the official sources can contain both accurate and false information.

The Center’s methodology diminishes errors in researches to a minimum and its data can be used for making strategically important decisions.


This is an important component in the relationship between O.K.N.A. Marketing and its clients. The clients are open to discuss their problems with the Center as all the information given by the companies during negotiations is confidential. Independence enables the branch marketing Center to freely communicate with all the market players, exchange information with them and discuss the market tendencies and changes.

Research and consulting

As a rule, research agencies activity includes collecting and analysis of provided information. Consulting agencies functions are wider as they solve the tasks given by a company. Such agencies provide consulting services regarding the business structure – pricing, channels of distribution, assess the product competitiveness, advertising and selling stimulation.

О.К.N.А. Marketing Center activity combines research works and consulting services. Such combination allows thoroughly considering and solving the branch center tasks.

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