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Investment Branch Projects, Business plans

At present the Center investment branch projects are in high demand. According to О.К.N.А. Marketing by the year of 2010 the PVC-construction market volume will increase by almost three times in comparison with 2006 and will make approximately 9 billion euro a year. Intensive market growth occurs due to many factors, increase in well-being of the population and construction development included. But the increase in volumes of manufacturing will not lead to full saturation of the market. Even at the most pessimistic calculations by 2010 approximately 50 % the real estate objects will be glassed. The window market participants have at least 20 years till 2025 to satisfy the demand and by this time they will have to replace the windows of "the first wave".

On the background of the market intensive development the question of investments has interested both the Russian companies and western investors. The branch marketing center renders marketing and consulting services to the companies planning to go on the Russian market or planning to expand their activities in:

Marketing analysis and feasibility study of the different glass constructions market segments. Investments volume, a prospective share, profitability and business plan are worked out.

Guidelines on the choice of region for a factory construction with the purpose of sales and manufacture optimization, potential of a site from the point of view of various micro and macro factors; the company capacities and prospect of produce sales are taken into account. The market detailed analysis helps to consider risks and the opportunities of the company.

Development of recommendations on product and assortment, definition of the product competitiveness.

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