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Programs of Companies’ Promotion on the Market

The branch Center has worked out and helped to launch more than twenty successful and effective programs of promotion on various segments of the glass construction market. Programs of promotion are developed individually for each Client and product. Programs describe a step-by-step plan of action for the companies to achieve their goals and tasks:

increase in sales volumes
increase in profitability of business
reduction in advertising investments

This kind of works is used by the companies that have already been more than ten years on the window market and by those that only plan to open new manufactures. О.К.N.А. Marketing priority is Customers’ funds saving due to effective money distribution.

The marketing part of work is devoted to the study of volume, growth and further development of the market segments, competitive environment, communications, consumers, etc. Then goes the company marketing audit that includes the analysis of the enterprise activity, its opportunities, plans and comparison with its competitors.

The consulting part includes development of step-by-step recommendations on all strategy of business development - commodity, price, marketing and communication, including making up a media plan. The plan on how to prepare and organize all necessary works for launching the program and consulting support of the company at the stage of promotion program introduction are included in work.

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